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Fay is an American designer born in Traverse City, MI. He received a BFA in 2014 from Kendall College of Art and Design studying furniture design, and an MFA in 2016 in the 3D design department at Cranbrook Academy of Art.

Lawless series pursues beauty in chaos within a structured landscape reimagining seating as objects creating expressive dialogue in a space. Discovering a poetic moment in dystopia and confronting present dilemmas may be an opportunity to celebrate new perspectives in design. The pieces embraces irregularity through craft, focusing on intuitive construction methods and spontaneous form by rhythmically connecting and growing each piece to realize a liminal position between design art and craft, balancing metaphor and utility.   


Gallery Salon, Boston Oct 2018

Shinola, Detorit Sep 2018

Architectural Digest Show, NYC Mar 2018

Talente, Munich Mar 2018

A New Domestic Landscape, Cranbrook Art Museum May 2017

Salone Satellite, Milan Apr 2017

Interior Design Show, Toronto Jan 2017

Collective, NYC May 2016